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Comic books and stories are great pastime for children and grownup as they allow you to live your fantasies. Among the world comics, the Manga comic stories or cartoons from Japan standout as a different genre as its style, presentation and imagination vastly differs with the world as its themes are most oriented to the 19th century. These engrossing stories are published all over the world besides Japan and the US has a taste of these comic stories known as Manga readers as they are translated into English and presented. Manga online websites are the places where you can find these comic stories and they are available for free and are very easy to access with an internet connection.

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The Manga Readers are serialized on these websites and at a time you will find thousands of them. the episodes are presented in comic art form via illustrations designed on the Manga style and they can be viewed and read by clicking on page after page. There are several popular Manga readers that have a high circulation and following and they are always displayed on the right side of the Manga website page from where you can easily pick the hot ones. The current rankings place the One Piece Manga Reader, Naruto Manga Reader, Bleach Manga Reader, Fairy Tail Manga Reader, Hokage, Giant Killing and many more. The Manga readers displayed on the Manga websites cover a wide genre of comic stories and they would include action, adventure, comedy, detective, horror, historical, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, business/commerce, suspense, and others.

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The chapters are updated each day, and there are thousands of them available at a time. A viewer depending on the taste can choose any one of them and start a serial or two at the same time. It does not cost anything to view these Manga readers because the online access of the stories is absolutely free. On the other hand the Manga publications have earned revenue exceeding several billions around the world as the hard copies have sold all over the world including the USA and Canada. Enter into the exciting world of Manga stories on our Manga site http://www.openmanga.co and they are free.